Kennel Waverider

We are a small breeder of Portuguese Water Dogs, in the middle part of Norway, not far from the City of Trondheim. We got Our for first PWD in February 2008, and have been in love with the PWDs ever since! 

Since then, our dogs have been living with us in a spacious countryside property, with the rest of the family, kids and cats.
We are easy to find, and close to the airport.
Contact and location is found here.


The Portuguese Water Dog

These dogs have lots of energy and are very loyal family members. They are the perfect companion for long walks, hiking, boat rides, swimming, and stick by their owner’s side faithfully. They are non-shedding and hypoallergenic coat makes the Portuguese Waterdog the perfect house dog.


The PWD - Your lifelong companion

Our PWDs are our lifelong companions and we strive to give others the same relationship with their new puppies and dogs, as we do. We also want contribute to preservation of this once very rare breed. Our aim is to select and breed the an ideal match between temperament and health, as well as meet the breed standard. We have selected our dogs with special attention to these factors, as well as paying attention to preserve the old gene material they pocess. We do a lot of work with them in the sea, to nurture and preserve their heritage.

We always have a dog or two at our feet in our home, and are happy to give each of our dogs plenty of space to play outside.

Are you interested? We would love to talk to you!