Milo, spring 2014

Milo, spring 2014



Rödtop Eat My Dust

Date of birth: 06.11.2009

HD: A / AD: A

PRA: Normal/Clear

EOPRA: Normal/Clear

JDCM: 1-1 Probably normal

IC: Normal/Clear

GM-1: Normal/Clear

Weight: ca 27 kg

Height: ca 54 cm

MH tested UA

Frozen semen available 

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Offspring Milo:

Kennel Isostar 2014, 9 puppies. 7 out of 9 have HD A, 2 have HD B.

Kennel Tres Anjos 2014, 11 puppies. 4 out of 11 have HD A, 6 have HD B, waiting for the last one.

Waverider's 2nd Wave 2016, 9 puppies. 7 out of 9 have HD A, waiting for the rest.

Kennel Isostar 2017, 8 puppies.